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When visiting the EuroSys website?, reading documents, downloading files or consulting or using it in any other manner,  you agree to the following terms and conditions and you engage yourself to comply to these terms. .

1. Privacy

Basically you can use the site without communicating any personal information. However, it may be that certain parts of our site are only available after providing us certain personal details.

Visitors to this website can register via the website. Once you registered, all your personal information is accessible to all companies of the EuroSys Group. This information can be used to contact you later for marketing purposes such as mailings, telephone actions,....

The personal information (eg. name, surname, address, e-mailaddress, phone number, etc.) entered by visitors, are stored and processed in the customer database of the EuroSys Group.

Under the Privacy Protecting law of 8 december 1992, the law on e-commerce and the Royal Decree of 4 april 2003 regarding personal data, you always have the right to check, modify and delete the information. To do this, we recommend you to send an e-mail to webshop@eurosys.be.

You guarantee that the information you submit is accurate and complete. The communication of false identities, incomplete or inaccurate information or information belonging to others without giving their consent, may lead to temporarily or permanently loosing access to the sites of EuroSys.

Passing data to third parties
EuroSys doesn't  give any information to third parties without your prior consent. An exception is when there is a legal obligation (eg. a court order). Also in the detection of fraud and/or severe spam practices, data can be exchanged with other providers and/or justice. The decision to do this is only made by EuroSys.

By visiting our website, cookies are placed on the visitor's computer. Cookies are pieces of information stored on the hard drive of your computer every time you visit a site. First intention is to guarantee a smooth use of the website ( certain information, for example entering login information is not necessary anymore). Cookies can be blocked with most internet browsers. The proper functioning of the website in this case may not be guaranteed in all circumstances. Cookies and log-files also allow us examine the way the website is used. The intention is to gather statistical information that could allow us to optimize the website.

2. Intellectual property

The current EuroSys websites are and remain the exclusive property of EuroSys and are protected by various intellectual property rights, which you acknowledge and accept. By visiting these websites you do not acquire any of these rights.

Full or partial reproduction, distribution, sale, publication, modification and/or use of the EuroSys website and its content in any form whatsoever, is strictly forbidden. The storage of any information and/or part of this website in an (electronic) database or otherwise is not allowed, except for the automatic caching of information by the browser.

By adding certain data, text, images and/or other files online, you give permission to EuroSys to reproduce the content of your message in an exclusive and royalty-free way on the EuroSys website and in magazines or products offered by EuroSys.

3. Liability

The access and use of any kind of the current EuroSys website is under your own responsibility. EuroSys can not be held liable to the user and/or third parties for potential damages of any nature whatsoever (direct, indirect, consequetial, etc.), profit, loss of data, loss of an opportunity or any damage caused by its negligence or forgetfulness in the development, operation and presentation of the site, including all parts and/or the potential damage to the user and/or the third partie.

EuroSys adds its best resources to ensure that the website is accessible at any time for a normal amount of users. EuroSys has the right, at any time, to suspend or terminate the website, even without prior warning. EuroSys can not be held liable for any damages of any nature whatsoever that may be suffered because of suspension, interruption, (technical) malfunctions, delays, difficult access, inaccessibility and / or termination of (a part of) the current website.

EuroSys adds its best resources to ensure that the information and documents that are part of this website is complete, accurate and up-to-date. Errors and / or omissions and / or obsolete data can not be ruled out and EuroSys can not give any guarantee whatsoever. EuroSys can not be held liable in case of damage and / or loss of any nature, arising from the use, access and / or downloading any part of this website. EuroSys can not be held liable for any damages of any nature, arising from decisions you make on the basis of any information and / or information on this website. EuroSys is also entitled to change the information or data published on the website at any time.

The current EuroSys site may contain links to other sites. Because these sites are not under the control of EuroSys, they are not necessarily recommended or approved by EuroSys. EuroSys is not checking if the content of these sites has changed. It is up to you to decide for yourself whether it is appropriate for you to visit these sites. EuroSys is not responsible for the content or proper operation of external sites referenced, nor for any adverse consequences resulting from the consultation and / or use in any manner whatsoever of such sites.

Although EuroSys adds its best efforts to prevent website bugs, viruses, Trojan horses and spyware, it can not be excluded that these may nevertheless occur. EuroSys can not be held liable for any resulting damage and / or loss. EuroSys strongly recommends to install all appropriate firewall, antivirus and other protective software possible in order to prevent damage to your computer. If you notice the presence of any of these items in our current website, you are invited to inform the webmasterso that appropriate measures can be taken.

Sending certain data, such as emails, personal information, credit card numbers, etc is always at your own risk. EuroSys uses its best resources to ensure that the transfer of this information is happening in a secure manner, but can in no way be held liable for any damages arising from the loss of certain data and / or the interception of such data by third party. EuroSys recommends strongly to install the necessary software (firewall, antivirus,...) and continue to deal cautiously with the use and communication of your personal information.

On this website, all kinds of messages (reviews, links, messages, comments, etc.) from third parties are included. EuroSys reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate these services immediately and without notice. EuroSys can not be held liable for any loss that would result from this.

Since these messages are the work of others, EuroSys can not be held liable for any damage that may arise, nor for any errors in its content. All text, data, photos, video, messages or other materials posted in these messages are the sole responsibility of the person from whom posted this information. When posting a message of any kind, or any other form of information, data and / or opinion on this website, you are obliged to use information (images, photos ,...) which are not in conflict with the intellectual rights of others (copyright, right of image ,...), nor the norms and morals, nor any other statutory provision. You indemnify EuroSys for every charge or claim from other parties as a result of the content of what you have posted on this website.

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